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The Salontai Advisory Group helps companies excel in the areas of strategy, business, and leadership. We use a personal, hands-on style in working with an organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Management/Leadership Teams, Boards of Directors, Emerging Leaders or other top leaders in an organization.

Our goal is to provide unique insight that adds value and creates sustainable success in your organization built on decades of proven success. To achieve this goal, we consider each of the external and internal factors affecting an organization, including the competitive, organizational, financial, and technical aspects of the business. We can also draw upon seasoned experts in any area of specialization using our network of strategic alliances when the need arises.

Meet Gerry Salontai

Gerry Salontai has completed many dozens of assignments that have varied in size, complexity and duration since beginning the Salontai Consulting Group in 2009. His work has spanned from helping individual business units or groups to entire companies ranging in size from less than $10 million to over $1 billion in annual revenues. Gerry has worked with both domestic and global companies.


Gerry has held many progressively responsible management positions in his career ranging from leading small teams, to most recently serving as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of The Kleinfelder Group, Inc. - a $300+ million professional engineering and sciences services company headquartered in San Diego, California. In each of these assignments, he has been responsible for strategy development, execution of sales programs, delivery of services, quality, customer satisfaction and overall operational management. This background of holding so many varied positions in his career can help in almost situation it is facing.


During his 12-year tenure as CEO of Kleinfelder, the company grew from a far-western to a large national US presence, using a combination of organic and acquisitive growth strategies. The total revenue of the company grew nearly five times during this same period, while improving in every financial performance metric, diversifying service offerings and building significant shareholder value.


Under his leadership, the company also implemented successful changes in the company’s business approach including implementing changes in the organizational structure, business systems, processes, formal leadership development and succession programs, quality and safety programs, and creating unique risk retention and insurance programs.


Gerry is well known for his authentic, inspirational leadership style and his achievements leading strategic growth, business transformation, and organizational success. As CEO, he excelled in combining strategic vision with a straightforward, disciplined approach to business execution and a focus on clients. All of this was combined with a strong commitment to maintain a healthy culture and a talented, vibrant, and engaged workforce.


Today, he helps companies profitably grow to increase shareholder value through his experience of how to execute on strategy, create high performance cultures and drive operational excellence. He is widely recognized for his visioning capability, strategic thinking skills, business acumen, organizational capacity, learning agility and the ability to:


-  Develop short and long-term strategies for accelerated growth, influencing key stakeholders, aligning strategy with tactics and shaping leadership practices to produce improved financial results;

-  Assess the interrelationship of organizational structure, markets served and offerings of a company to recommend best alternatives to capture and execute work effectively;

-  Step into challenging situations, size up the issue(s) with the right amount of information, quickly identify critical opportunities, develop and execute strategies to move forward;

-  Identify strategies to improve under-performing business units and/or companies, challenge the current thinking while rallying a team to drive towards improved results.


Gerry received both a Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering and has completed an Executive Management Program in business. Gerry has served on the Board of Directors of for-profit companies and non-profit charitable and trade associations.


What Clients Say

"Thank you" seems so totally inadequate for your absolutely masterful Fundamentals of Professional Practice Laureate's presentation. The content was completely spot on, and the way in which you organized it was inspiring...but the delivery was even better: relaxed, humorous, serious, approachable. Easily half of the 100 "rising stars" of the 40 firms represented congratulated me for bringing you in to speak!

John Bachner, Bachner Communications
Keynote presentation in Denver, CO

"I have worked with many CEO's in my 30 year career and Gerry is without question one of the best. Gerry has the unique ability to quickly assess a financial situation good or bad. Some call it a gut instinct, but as a CFO I know Gerry knows the numbers beyond his gut and what it takes to keep a business humming along! Gerry has kept me on my toes and will do the same with any other CFO or CEO that has the opportunity to share in his knowledge."

John Pilkington
Former CFO, Kleinfelder

"Gerry Salontai has been very helpful to Freese and Nichols in his role as an advisory board member. He has a very straightforward approach and has brought a unique perspective to our firm on a variety of topics. I appreciate the way he shares his experience-providing an opinion with several possible options to help resolve an issue. He uses this approach like a master."

Ron Lemons
Freese and Nichols, Inc.

“Gerry brings to our board a valuable combination of experience in our industry and an acute understanding of our company’s growth strategy and priorities.”

Dickerson Wright
CEO of NV5


“Gerry provided DUDEK insights on leadership and our industry having been a CEO at Kleinfelder and working now with several Boards and corporate leaders across the country.   As well as serving on our Board for many years, he serves on multiple Board committees; and as part of DUDEK’s senior leaders group he is involved with Financial Performance, Strategic Planning and Internal Ownership Transition”

Frank Dudek

“Gerry Salontai was VHB’s first outside board member.  He came to us as a former CEO with experience leading a firm from annual revenues of $100M to $300M – exactly what we were planning to do!  Gerry brings deep industry knowledge and a unique style that is both challenging and insightful.  Gerry is the real deal and with his help VHB is well along the way to its goal increasing revenues by $80M during his tenure.” 

Bob Brustlin

Founder and Chairman

"Gerry's knowledge of the industry makes him a valuable resource and he has been instrumental in supporting our growth."


Ed Alizadeh

CEO of Geotechnology, Inc.

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