21 / 21 / 19

The Mighty Can (and do) Fall

The Zweig Letter, February 11, 2019 By: Gerry Salontai   Undisciplined growth, poor people focus, low financial performance, and a weak capital structure can sink a firm – even big ones with brand names. I’ve been working with several colleagues for the past four years on a study of the performance of companies in our […]

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16 / 16 / 18

Better is Better

By: Gerry Salontai There is much hullabaloo made in our industry about growth and size. And it seems these are believed to be the largest measures of success for companies.  The temptation to focus on growth is great as the topic comes up in nearly every conversation when peers meet and there is a constant […]

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10 / 10 / 17

Strategic Decisions

By Gerry Salontai In a hot M&A market, the opportunity to sell is there, but staying put could also be a good path to take. The activity with mergers and acquisitions is quite high. There seem to be more companies getting together that range from the Jacobs and CH2M deal to the much smaller regional […]

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19 / 19 / 17

A/E/C HR Summit 2018

A CEO Transition Case Study: How HR, the C-Suite and the BOD Navigated Through a Successful Transition
 Thursday, April 19th 12: p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Westin of San Diego 400 West Broadway, San Diego CA 92101 Members of VHB reflect on a recent CEO transition: Gerry Salontai, the former CEO of Kleinfelder, current VHB Board […]

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3 / 03 / 17

What Stays and What Goes?

By Gerry Salontai THE ZWEIG LETTER August 14, 2017, ISSUE 1212 The rationalization process is all about determining what is working and what is not – especially with a sharp eye to the future. Most companies are doing very well these days and the e ort to create or update their strategic direction is clearly […]

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