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The Salontai Consulting Group helps companies excel in the areas of strategy, business, and leadership. We use a personal, hands-on style in working with an organization’s Chief Executive Officer, board of directors, or other top leaders.


Our goal is to provide unique insight that adds value and creates sustainable success in your organization. To achieve this goal, we consider each of the external and internal factors effecting an organization, including the competitive, organizational, financial, and technical aspects of the business.


We have the ability to also draw upon seasoned experts in any area of specialization using our network of strategic alliances when the need arises.


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Recent News & Events

12 / 08 / 16

With a focus on renewable energy and environmental conservation, and a need to improve a vast and aging infrastructure, opportunity abounds.

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10 / 09 / 15

Our industry is highly competitive today. Business leaders need every edge possible for success. When used effectively, a company’s board of directors can help guide the management team to greater heights.

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07 / 30 / 15

In an industry environment where change has become the norm, firm leaders must be proactive in promoting an organization of client-centered simplicity.

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